Solid Wood Tea table Coffee Table CANMADE Furniture

Item No.: CT203-1 ASH Tea Table
CT203-1 Tea Table Coffee Table CANMADE Furniture
wood material:  American ASH solid wood
size: 1350*700*450mm
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CT203-1 Tea Table 
wood material: North American ASH solid wood 
size: 1350*700*450 mm

Two colors can choose: 


Introduction of Ash Furniture

As a kind of solid wood, ash wood is loved by many people. Because ash wood is regarded as the best wood in the wood, many people will choose to buy ash wood furniture.
Ash wood is a very high-end and expensive wood that grows in Russia, North America and parts of Europe. Most of the ash wood in China is imported wood. The ash wood is straight and has a uniform and rough texture. Production of high-end luxury furniture.
High quality characteristics of ash furniture
The high price of ash is due to its high quality characteristics
Ash is a high-grade wood produced in Russia and North America and Europe. It has strong corrosion resistance and is easy to process into furniture. The texture is natural and beautiful. Both bark and fruit can be used for medicinal materials and can also be used for extraction Pigments are widely used.
Ash wood furniture with high hardness
Ash is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has high gloss. The surface lines are clearly visible, and it is very smooth. The most commendable is that the furniture made of ash wood has high hardness and strength. Therefore, ash wood is generally selected for solid wood furniture that is placed in the collection. Because the density of ash wood is high, the bearing capacity is also very high.

Ash wood furniture maintenance recommendations
Care should be taken in maintaining ash furniture. Do not let the sunlight shine directly on ash furniture, or pull up the curtains directly; wipe the ash furniture with a damp, clean cloth frequently; regularly apply maintenance oil to the ash furniture



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